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Wiccan Gifts

Creating Wiccan gifts is really not all that difficult. Even if you don’t really know that much about the religion. Learn more about Wicca.... Since Wicca is all about loving and honoring nature and cycles, anything representing those cycles would make a great gift.

The Elements
Fire - Water - Earth - Air - Spirit

The most known are the four elements, but Wiccans add the fifth element of spirit. Creating anything that represented the elements would be a great gift. Even giving a set of towels with the colors of the elements, or the four seasons, would be great.

Elemental Altar Cloth

You could make an altar cloth, with different printed or colored fabrics representing the elements. Simply take four, equal sized squares of fabric, one to represent each element. (Most altars are not large, so 12" X 12" squares should be plenty.)

Use a water print to represent water, a fire print for fire, etc.. Seam all the pieces together, hem around the edge and you have a great, homemade elemental gift.

If you are a good seamstress, you could use a round piece of fabric in the center to represent spirit, then cut the squares to fit around the center circle. Sew all the pieces together, hem the edge, and you have a five element altar cloth.

The Pentacle/Pentagram

The pentacle represents the four elements plus spirit. It is a five pointed star with a circle around it. Each point on the pentacle pertains to one of those elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Spirit. The pentacle is a sign of perfect harmony and balance. (It does not indicate devil worship, as there is no devil in The Craft.)

A Pentagram is exactly the same as a pentacle, only it is used in rituals, or as an altar. It signifies the ritual circle. (Once again, does not indicate devil worship. He does not even exist in The Craft.)

Anything with a pentacle would make great Wiccan gifts. You can easily find jewelry with pentacle pendants. If you want to create something yourself, you could create a pentacle out of natural fibers. Grape vines, wheat, sticks or twigs can be manipulated into any shape you want. Soak them until they are pliable, shape them and let them dry. Presented as a gift, this would make a wonderful good luck talisman for the receiver.


Runes are an ancient divination tool. You could create a personalized rune set. There’s a number of ways you could do this.

You could create them on wood:

Cut 25 small disks of wood from a tree branch, about 1/8" to 1/4" in width, and about ½" to 1" in diameter. You will want to sand each disk smooth. You can then choose to paint, stain or burn the wood. If you are going to paint or burn the runes into the wood, I would recommend using a pencil to draw out each rune first. Then you can paint or burn the image right on top of your pencil marks. Staining is a bit trickier. You will either have to hand paint the stain on with a small brush, then let it completely dry, or use the stain after burning or painting the symbols.

You could create them with stones, gemstones, decorative marbles or glass beads:

You will need 25 stones that are fairly small, and about the same size and shape. You can either use an engraving tool to etch out each symbol, or paint the symbols on. If you are going to paint the symbols on, be sure you use a paint that will adhere well to the stone or glass. Present the rune set with a drawstring bag to store them in. Runes make perfect Wiccan gifts.


Intent Jewelry / Gemstone Jewelry / Zodiac Jewelry / Chakra Jewelry

Using the gemstone properties, you could create intent jewelry. If you know someone needs more courage, or self confidence, you would look at the stones that had those properties, and create jewelry out of them. That way, whenever that piece of jewelry was worn, those energies would assist the wearer.

Gemstone jewelry is similar to intent jewelry. You may just put a bunch of nice-looking gemstones together, or put gemstones with certain qualities and properties together. You can also make Zodiac jewelry this way. Find the Zodiac gemstones for the particular sign you want to create the jewelry for, and put them together in a pleasing pattern. The stones will enhance the characteristics of the Zodiac sign, as well as give off the energies based on the stone’s properties.

Chakra jewelry is pretty much the same as intent or gemstone jewelry, the difference is, you use the stones for either one of the chakras, or all seven. Chakra jewelry will assist with balancing all the chakras of the wearer.

Hand or Machine Embroidery

You can use hand or machine embroidery to create your Wiccan gifts, too. All you need is a picture or pattern that you really like. Turn it into a hand embroidery pattern, or a digitized machine embroidery design, then stitch it out. You can create anything from patches and towels, to blankets and robes, and everything in between! A little imagination goes a long way.

Wiccan Reed / Witch’s Creed

Something as simple as printing out the Wiccan Rede, or the Witch’s Creed in a nice font, on special paper could be a simple and easy gift idea. Make it look like old parchment, and roll it up like a scroll, and tie it with a ribbon. There’s also the Witch’s Rune and their Chinese Zodiac you could print out, too.

Fantasy Figures / Fairies

Everyone I know that is Wiccan loves something from the fantasy realm. Whether it is Fairies, Dragons, Wizards, Unicorns, Pegasus, etc... If you create something with their favorite fantasy designs, you’ll definitely get a smile.

Here’s some of the Wiccan gifts I have made.

wiccan, pagan, wicca

Just about any craft you know of, can be turned into Wiccan gifts. All you have to do is use natural, earth friendly products, throw in some form of the elements, chakras, pentacles, Celtic knotwork, Gods or Goddesses, fantasy figures, runes, the Tarot, Zodiac signs, etc... then stir it up with a little imagination. Any one of your Wiccan friends or family members will love to get your homemade Wiccan gifts!

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