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Making Gemstone Jewelry

Making gemstone jewelry is the same as making any other type of beaded jewelry. The difference is all your beads are gemstones (or at least a very large portion of them). The fun part comes when you start working within the gemstone properties.

Look for what qualities you need. What strengths. Maybe someone you know needs a little peace, calm and love in their life. You could make them a piece of rose quartz gemstone jewelry that would help calm them and make them feel all warm and fuzzy whenever they wore it! Maybe they need a little courage for a job interview, try making them something using Tigerís Eye. That should get them going!

Each gemstone puts off a different energy and has different qualities of those energies. A gemstoneís energy can actually effect your own energy field. Work some of those desired energies into a beautiful necklace or a bracelet with purpose!
Read more about gemstone properties here

Anyone into gemstones or energy fields would love to get gemstone jewelry like a necklace or a bracelet geared directly to them. There are also different gemstones that represent the different Zodiac signs. You can choose from a few different stones, using their qualities to compliment each other, to create an amazing personalized birthday gift.
Learn more about Zodiac Gemstones here

Gemstones, even the semi-precious ones, can be expensive. They have different grades that range from affordable to extremely expensive. Due to their higher cost, I would recommend that you use higher quality wires, findings and accents when making gemstone jewelry. Sometimes these high quality beads can make cheap wire look really cheap and tacky.
Read more about gemstone beads here

You can purchased tumbled gemstones for much less than polished or shaped beads. You could wire wrap a tumbled gemstone to create a beautiful pendant. This could be something you put on a simple cord or ribbon all by itself, or something you add other beads or wire wrap components to. Either way, even the rough tumbled stones can become a beautiful piece of jewelry.
Learn more about making wire wrapped jewelry or more about making cord or ribbon jewelry

Making gemstone jewelry for your friends and family on alternate paths is a great way of showing your support for their beliefs. Even if they just have a love of jewelry, making a beautiful jewelry piece out of gemstones is a great way to make personalized gifts for the ones you love.


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